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Teak Furnishings Florida

At Teak Furnishings Florida, we are passionate about creating the finest quality furniture. We achieve this by using solid materials, traditional techniques, and contemporary designs to provide excellent furniture solutions for your home. We aim to deliver outstanding products along with excellent customer service to help you provide you with the perfect furniture solution.

Quality Teak Furniture

All our contemporary teak furniture is handmade from solid wood by dedicated professionals.  Both practical and stylish, each piece has a useful purpose along with contemporary aesthetics, whether creating space with a double teak wardrobe or working at a teak desk. Dimensions, finishes, and color are just some of the choices available to ensure the best handmade teak furniture for your home.

Made from 100% solid teak, Teak Furnishings Florida pieces combine design and function with expert craftsmanship. Teak is a dense hardwood that has a high percentage of naturally occurring oil which makes it moisture tolerant. The teak is glass polished which provides a very smooth finish and brings the oils to the surface. This process helps to keep stains from penetrating and will enhance the robust patina that develops over time.

The Teak Furnishings Florida Difference

As an independent teak furniture storefront in St. Peterburg, Florida, we aim to be as responsible as possible. All our products are built from high-quality solid materials to ensure they last and look great.

A personal service is delivered too, due to our nature and values. Whether you’ve just moved into a new house, are looking to redecorate your current bedroom or require just one or two new pieces, browse our extensive collection of handmade teak furniture to find the ideal solution online today.